Pancit Habhab in Lucban after a long bike ride

The winning part of this noodle dish? The soup that’s hiding under the ingredients. 10/10.

No doubt, Pancit Habhab and its local version of longganisa are the best food to welcome you after a long trip to Lucban.

We asked awesome writer Joselito “Jowie” delos Reyes, who happens to be a biker too, to recommend a good place in Lucban for dinner. With much enthusiasm, he accompanied us to Chito’s that is located in Plaridel Street.

We ordered Pancit Lucban and Lucban longganisa. It was incredible, one of the best meals to have after a tiring day.

The famous longganisa is made out of pork with a prominent garlic taste. With its garlicky flavor and a bit of saltiness, it’s best partnered with vinegar.

The pancit is a stir fried noodle dish with lechon kawali and fresh vegetables. It’s savory and the noodles are soft. We love the combination of pork and veggies.

The winning part of this noodle dish? The soup that’s hiding under the ingredients. 10/10.

A friend asked, is Pancit Lucban similar to habhab?

Jowie told us that habhab is the act of eating pancit. It’s a verb, the gobbling of food using bare hands.

“Pwedeng habhabin kahit bihon. Pero na-associate na sa Pancit Lucban and habhab,” he said. (You can do “habhab” even with bihon. But “habhab” is associated with Pancit Lucban).

“Kapag bumili ka ng pancit bukas, ‘isa nga pong Pancit Lucban, hahabhabin’ para ilalagay sa dahon. Ipapatong sa kamay mo,” he added. (When you buy pancit tomorrow, you say ‘one Pancit Lucban to habhab’ so they’ll put it on a leaf. Then they’ll put it on your hand.)

That’s something new that we learned today.

The staff of Chito’s were very welcoming to bikers. They told us that we can park in front of the restaurant ang they’ll look after our bicycles.

We saw cyclists in Lucban with some of them caming from Kamay ni Hesus. Meanwhile, others were going straight here from Rizal Province.

Thanks for the best recommendation, Jowee! 🚲

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