Other Airbnbs can learn from this bike-friendly place in Lucban

The first thing on Airbnb when we searched for accommodations in Lucban was Sneddie’s. It didn't say that it's bike-friendly but it looks clean, decent and cheap.

As the country looks at the prospect of a booming bike tourism due to the significant increase of Filipino bikers and bicycle enthusiasts, hotels and other accommodations can learn so much from this Airbnb in Lucban.

We wanted to do a loop in Quezon Province and we thought of booking a room so we can be well-rested for the tiring bike ride the next day.

The first thing on Airbnb when we searched for accommodations in Lucban was Sneddie’s. It looks very simple on the app but it’s clean, decent and cheap. We’re just sleeping for the night so we don’t need some flashy hotel room.

When we arrived, we immediately asked for a space where we can park our bicycles. They offered the enclosed garage and quickly added, “or you can just bring your bicycles inside the house because it’s more secured.”

That’s surprising. Parking our bikes inside the garden or garage was enough for us but of course, it’s so much better if it’s inside the house.

“Sayang naman kung mawala ‘yan. It’s generally safe here pero hindi mo naman masabi, parking inside is better kaysa sa may mangyari pa na hindi maganda,” our host Vanessa said.

For bikers, this is a good thing to note when getting a room in tourist destinations: secured bike parking. It’s a plus if your bicycles can be parked in a covered place.

Our suggestion to owners of hotels and other accommodations? Allot a secured bike parking for your biking tourists. It’s just simple—the space should be safe. Being bike-friendly is good for business.

Our followers tell us that they would love to bike around certain provinces when travel restrictions ease. It’s good to note the beautiful destinations but it’s also convenient to have a bike-friendly accommodation.

Our hosts don’t bike, they are just genuinely concerned for their visitors and their belongings.

Sneddie’s opened its door to guests last year and Vanessa recalled that she was surprised because they had many bookings. Unfortunately, 2020 became ugly for business because the pandemic crippled the tourism industry.

Sneddie’s is a 20-year-old family house turned rental rooms and swimming pool. It is a 5-minute bike ride away from town proper.

Vanessa and her partner Jerome were very accommodating. They were quick to reply to our questions. They were very generous and understanding too. For newbie entrepreneurs in the hospitality industry, they’re excellent.

Lucban is already open for tourists and it doesn’t require any documents from visitors. The municipality reminds everyone to observe minimum health standards.

Book your Airbnb stay at Sneddie’s: https://www.airbnb.com/users/show/230311792

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