San Juan City: consistent in protecting cyclists

We salute this city for keeping its promise of protecting bikers.

We passed by Ortigas Avenue at around 1 p.m. and we were surprised to see that bike lanes are properly protected again because the city government of San Juan fixed the broken bollards.

A few weeks ago, we biked along the area and saw some destroyed orange posts.

This is how you do it. This is a good example of true commitment to the bike commuters. They are nailing proper maintenance, continuous education and good design. Thank you, San Juan City.

We see them installing the new bollards during a convenient time when few bikers are on the road. Workers make sure that every post is steady and they replace those that felt unsafe.

We also love that drainages here are okay for bikes with thin wheels. You see, there are cases when the tires of bicycles go inside these holes that eventually lead to accidents.

Here’s what’s more interesting. In areas where there are no bollards, motorbikes and cars do not block the bike lane. If the roads are designed well, people will do what’s proper. We can’t always blame road users and say that they are undisciplined, it can be the bad system that is at fault.

There are other local government units that are doing a good job in creating a bike-friendly city. San Juan City is obviously one of them. It also helps that their leaders, especially the mayor, use a bicycle.

San Juan City received a Gold award for being a bike-friendly city in the recently-concluded Mobility Awards. It’s a well-deserved win!

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