K-Pop inspires young fans to ride a bike

Jihyo Kang (not her real name) told us that she’s cycling because of K-Pop. It’s our first time receiving this kind of message so we really got curious.

She told us that she wanted to learn cycling when she saw the music video of K-pop group Twice’s “Likey.” Nayeon, one of its members is seen cycling on a quiet neighborhood in Vancouver.

First Bike Ride encourages everyone to ride a bike and it’s good to know that even a simple scene from a music video can get someone to try cycling. It proves that the media is a powerful tool to influence an audience.

This K-Pop fan told us that there are a few music videos that feature a bicycle. She collected some screenshots and sent it to us because she believes that it motivates women to bike.

We’re publishing some screenshots and the links of the music videos can be found on our Facebook page’s post. We love our followers who pitch stories like this. If you have something interesting to share, feel free to message us.

Jihyo has an additional request. She wants to tell this to our followers: stan Twice and Wanna One.

1. “Likey” by Twice – https://youtu.be/V2hlQkVJZhE

2. “Whistle” by Blackpink – https://youtu.be/dISNgvVpWlo

3. “Bleuming” by IU – https://youtu.be/D1PvIWdJ8xo

4. “All Night” by LONG:D feat Kim Doyeon – https://youtu.be/T9fKvVGBBy4
5. “Flower Way” by Sejeong – https://youtu.be/zumBqDr0FCk

FYI: We had a story last week about a biker who bought a bicycle for the “Korean feels.”

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