ECQ version 2: A message to those who will be cycling

To those who will go out and will be cycling during the Enhanced Community Quarantine, please take extra care.

The first Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ) saw the importance of a bicycle because it moved people—that it’s not just a tool for recreation but an effective mode of transportation.

And now that we’re here again with the dreaded restrictions, we wish for everyone’s safety.

It’s not just the dangers on the road that cyclists need to watch out—speeding motorized vehicles and potholes, among others. The threat of the virus with the anxiety-inducing uncertainties got stronger.

With 9,000 plus new Covid-19 cases per day and hospitals getting overwhelmed, it’s really alarming. 

Despite closing many industries, not everyone can afford to stay home. We still have essential workers and others that need to go out and risk themselves with the virus that’s invisible and probably just around the corner. 

There are people who need to go to the groceries, wet market and pharmacy. Others are delivery service bikers, interacting with different customers.

Cycling for exercise is allowed too and rides within the bubble are permitted. But we suggest people to bike responsibly and follow the rules of the ECQ.

Roads got safer, compared with last year’s. With many bike lanes (although the majority are just painted) in Metro Manila, cyclists get to be more assured of their safety, especially if the pavements are not problematic. There might be less vehicles on the road again but please still keep your guards high.

Always bring water because it can be terribly hot out there. An extra shirt after a sweaty ride would come in handy.

We now sound like a mother (moms are awesome, btw) but you know, we’re just concerned about every cyclist, and well, everyone who has to endure this kind of difficulty again.

This chaos is definitely beyond our control because it’s really up to the people who can implement interventions and health-related policies. It’s really frustrating, we understand. For the meantime, let’s just do our best to help ourselves because it looks like we can’t depend much on people who should be doing their jobs properly.

We went to the wet market today for supplies and it’s nice to see more people on bicycles. They can easily stop and park whenever they need to buy something. Bikes save space so people can distance themselves with other people, it’s fast and it’s convenient.

Anyway, ingat. And hope we can have fun and safer rides again soon.

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