A foldie recovered from bodega is still good for a bike ride

Dusty but still trustworthy.

Eldon Llamasares found an old bicycle in their bodega that’s been hiding there for around two years. With just a little bit of adjustment, the bike was ready to take him to places again. And as an initial treat, it took Eldon back to memory lane.

“The bike was almost unrecognizable at first, it was dusty, covered with webs and you can barely tell that it has that red hue in the frame. The oil in both chain and gear has dried up, both tires were flat and the seat height adjuster was rusty so I really had to oil those parts so I could make it work. I was afraid about the tires, it seemed that there were cracks or holes in it, but when I inflated it, it seems like they only need some air for the rubber to stretch.

I was nervous, really. It was long a long time ago when I last rode a bike. To add to my nervousness, I am not confident with the bike. I cannot shake the idea that the tires might pop anytime, the brakes might fail, and I might get stranded somewhere. As I rode the bike, the worries began to fade, and I somehow felt the childlike joy of riding a bike again. I did not mind if the bike was old, beaten, cheap, or ugly. What mattered is I was able to ride the bike again, and it brought to the place I want to be at with a little side trip down the memory lane.”

First Ride Bike tip: old bicycles might still be there in your garage or backyard. A little bit of cleaning and tweaking might help you get back to cycling.

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