This security guard trusts his 3,000-peso bike that be bought from a junk shop

He bought his bike from a junk shop for 3,000 pesos and he’s been using it daily for four years now.

Felix Labisotes, 40-year-old security guard of a Korean grocery store in Timog Avenue, has been using his mountain bike for his commute to work. He said that it’s definitely easier to bike now because there are less cars and bike lanes are now available. Before the community quarantine, bikers were not prioritized.

“Pwede ka nilang banggain dati kasi walang bike lane, ngayon, protektado ka na,” he said.

(They can hit you before because there were no bike lanes. Now, you are protected.)

He used to work in Fairview where he cycled for almost two hours going to work (and another two hours back home). But he said that it’s better to bike because it’s free and his money for commute can be used for food. It’s exercise, anyway.

He told us that he wants a new bike but he can’t afford it. He looked at the expensive-looking road bike parked beside his rusty mountain bike.

“Ang ganda ng bike niya,” he said.

(His bike is beautiful.)

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