Teamwork: no one gets left behind. This group towed their friend because he had a bike problem on their way home

We were cycling one night along Binondo and saw this group of youngsters in trouble. When we looked closer, they were trying to tie a bicycle to another bike using a rope that they just found on the street.

They were planning to tow their friend’s bike using a flimsy straw because the chain snapped.

One dude approached us, “kuya, may tools ba kayo? Pwede niyo ba kami tulungan?”

We’ve been in this situation before and random bikers helped us fix our problem. We’re passing the good deed so we checked.

The cycling community in the Philippines is pretty friendly. Well, of course, there are some snobs but they are rare creatures.

We learned that they’re from Tondo, just a couple of kilometers from where we were situated. Unfortunately, they didn’t have tools with them because “they were just having a short ride.”

They call themselves Doc Steff Bikers (although one shouted that we can also call them God First bikers). It’s headed by Steff Correa who arranges night rides for his baranggay’s youth after a tiring school day.

“Ginagawa namin ito para ehersisyo sa katawan. Para rin malayo sila sa masamang gawain at masamang bisyo,” Steff told us.

While we were trying to fix the chain, the group decided to just continue towing. We believe they didn’t want to take more of our time because it’s getting late. “Malapit na lang naman,” a biker told us.

The group messaged us and said that they got home safely. It’s a lesson learned: always bring your tools.

This reminded us of a story from Pampanga that we posted a few months ago. The biker there told us that a rope can be handy during group rides.

Ride safe, everyone! 🚲

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