It cost him only less than 2,000 pesos to restore an old road bike.

Last month, we helped Ramon Royandoyan fix a deteriorated Nishiki Japanese road bike that he found in their old house in Bulacan. And now, he’s happy going around Metro Manila with his newly restored bicyle.

Here are his expenses and the parts that he replaced.

1. A pair of inner tubes – 170php
2. A pair of Leo Tires (PH made) – 400php
3. New chain – 300php
4. Shifter cables – 200php
5. BTwin rear derailleur – 300php
6. 3 spokes – 15php
7. Bottom Bracket – 300php
8. Sprocket – 200php

Ramon said that he’s not particular with branded items. As long as the parts can do the job and could make him feel safe, he’s good with it. Total wallet damage? 1885 pesos.

So what was his process? First, he disassembled the parts and cleaned it. He then identified the good parts from the bad parts. He bought the needed pieces and assembled the road bike.

To test its safety, he had a few short rides. He felt his way through and see the problematic parts that needed to be replaced. He had four trial rides until he got satisfied with the result.

Like what we said before, we believe that cycling is not about new models or flashy brands. As long as your bike can safely take you from point A to point B, it’s all good.

Ramon’s tip for those who would like to restore old bicycles?

“Be practical,” he said.

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