You’re doing a good parenting job when you teach your kids to ride a bike

That’s why we are so amazed with awesome parents Jill and Arn because they encourage their two adorable kids to bike. Yums is the sweet 5-year-old girl while Doods is the cute boy who’ll turn three next week.

“We want to share with our kids the joy and freedom that riding on two wheels give,” Jill told First Bike Ride. “They can learn about their capabilities at a young age, which can give them confidence.”

Cycling is a part of this family’s daily routine. It’s their exercise, way of enjoying the outdoors and bonding activity.

These parents love the outdoors, perhaps this is why it was not difficult for them to introduce cycling to their kids. Jill said that cycling gives her and Arn the feeling of “freedom to enjoy and explore.” Meanwhile, the kids acquired the same fondness for bicycles too.

“The kids love to ride their bikes even if it’s just around our small parking space,” Jill said.

We asked Jill for bike tips that she could give to parents. Here’s what she said.

“Don’t hesitate to introduce your children to cycling. Get them a second hand balance bike, you can get them started as soon as they can walk,” she said. “Bring them to open spaces where they can practice and enjoy. It’s very rewarding when you see your kids happily speeding in two wheels soon after.”

We’re a firm believer of what we said earlier: you’re doing a good parenting job when you teach your kids to ride a bike. High five to the cool parents out there!

Photos from Jill

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