Bike goals: To get that six-pack and V-cut abs

Nestor Esguerra has been actively cycling during the past few months, covering long distances of around 80 to 200 kilometers per ride. We asked him what’s his goal in riding a bike and he found his answer silly.

“Funny lang kasi I really want the Apollo’s belt kahit once lang,” he said. “So my goal is to get lean to the point na lilitaw ‘yun pati na ‘yung six-pack, hahahaha.”

For those who are unfamiliar, the Apollo’s belt is the V-shaped muscles seen from the hip to the pelvic area.

That’s a legitimate goal and so far, he’s been doing great in his fitness journey. He had a few short rides earlier this year but his hardcore cycling activity started around July and he was then weighing 93 kilos. He now weighs 81 kg.

Impressive, right? He lost 12 kilos in less than four months.

In 2017, Nestor used to bike a lot. But he eventually put his wheels on break when he went to Australia. He told us that he tipped the scales at 110 kilograms after that three-month trip. Back in the Philippines, he was still not able to get back on his saddle immediately. His mom was on hip rehabilitation and he had to attend to her needs.

“I just got back doing intense cycling last July and became really focused on my health,” he said. “Essentially, I just wanted to get back into the groove of doing 80 to 120 km rides lang. Pero may nakasama akong tropa who is strong and I guess doon pumapasok ‘yung ‘sure, game ako’ attitude.“

Aside from cycling, this Kapampangan biker is doing basic calisthenics and jumprope workout. He is also on low carb diet during his non-cycling days. Still, he mainly credits his weight loss to his bicycle.

Earlier this month, he covered a 257-km loop from Pampanga to Bataan. He also did a 200-km Pampanga-Tarlac trip a few weeks ago. This Friday, he’s aiming to finish 320 km.

Nestor is excited to see how far cycling can take him, literally and figuratively.

The first two pictures are his latest portraits while the third one was taken back in July when he was still at 93 kilos. The last two photos were in late 2017.

Photo from Nestor

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