This lady’s love for South Korean culture goes beyond K-Drama and K-Pop

She can’t just buy any bike, it should have the “Korean feel.”

Glaiza Lee needed a bicycle for her commute to work. She lives in Pasay and the nearest place where she can get a bike is in Cartimar. Even though there were many options, she did not purchase anything because she wanted something similar to what she sees in Korean dramas.
She found one in Marikina. That’s far from Pasay but she’s happy with her order. It’s a pink bike with a big basket in front of the handlebar.
“Binili ko ito kasi may Korean feel. Addict kasi ako sa Korean stuff like Korean drama and K-Pop, Korea in general,” she told First Bike Ride. “Kaya minsan nag-a-outfit ako na naka-dress or skirt. Feel na feel lang, kulang na lang mag-hat ako eh. Para Korean feel na talaga.”
Aside from the K-drama feels, what she really likes about her bike is the basket. She said that it’s very practical especially when she’s buying groceries and in carrying her stuff to work.
The name of her bike is “Sarang.” It’s the Korean word for “love.” According to Glaiza, her bicycle encompasses the things that she loves: traveling, freedom and South Korea.
We all know that it’s humid in the Philippines and traffic can be terrible. Was she able to achieve the Korean vibe that she’s aiming for?
“Nasa state of mind na lang,” she quipped. “Pero kapag dito ako nagba-bike within the Cultural Center of the Philippines, I get that feel kasi ma-puno, ang daming greens tapos bike-friendly kasi ‘yung complex.”
Glaiza has been going to South Korea at least once a year since 2013. She was there for three months during her first visit because of a fellowship grant. That’s when she fell in love with the country’s history and the Korean lifestyle.
Unfortunately, she can’t go to SoKor this year because of the pandemic.
“Miss ko na ang South Korea. Pwede kang mag-bike doon lalo na sa touristy areas, nakapag-bike na ako sa Gyeongju” she said. “Sana ganoon din dito sa atin, sana madami rin tayong open spaces.”

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