This young dude asks his mom, via First Bike Ride, to always allow him to ride a bike

“Shoutout kay Mama: Sana payagan mo na ako mag-bike palagi.”

(Shoutout to Mama: I hope you’ll always allow me to bike.)

We asked Fitness Sports Management student Carlos de Imus why he loves to ride a bicycle. He said that it gives him peace of mind and it’s his way of freeing himself from “sadness.”

“Kapag nag-bike ka, need mo mag-focus and doon pa lang, panalo ka na,” he said. “Hindi mo iniisip ang school requirements o problema mo sa buhay kasi and need mo gawin ay mag-focus sa pag-ride ng bike.”

(When you bike, you need to focus. That itseld makes you feel like a winner. You don’t think about school requirements or the life problems because all you need to do is to focus on riding your bike.)

Carlos is a track and field athlete. He started cycling in 2017 because he wanted to bike from his house to Ultra stadium when he had trainings for the Philippine Athletics Track and Field Association.

He earned money from biking too. Carlos used to teach aspiring bikers in Taguig for an insurance company’s cycling program.

His mountain bike was able to show him beautiful places. Recently, he went to Montalban and Laguna. And this young sporty dude would love to visit more destinations in the future.

But sometimes, his mom doesn’t approve his requests of going out for long rides. “Shoutout kay Mama, sana payagan mo na ako mag-bike palagi,” the athlete told us.

(Shoutout to Mama: I hope you’ll always allow me to bike.)

Kaya sa mama ni Carlos, payagan niyo na po siya. Please?

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