Is it cool to bike on an island? Not really.

One of the activities that my friends and I enjoy when we go abroad is cycling. It gives us a sense of control and the freedom of exploring a certain place. We can rest anytime, we can go anywhere we want and we can stop to interact with the locals.

These photos were taken from a trip in 2012 with two of my travel buddies. We wanted to rent bicycles in Lombok, Indonesia’s Gili Twarangan because we thought it would look cool in photos. But it was not cool that day, it was really humid and not many photos with our bikes were taken. It was the smell of the beach and the island’s laid back atmosphere that convinced us to do it. No regrets. I remember I was playing Jack Johnson’s Banana Pancakes on repeat while cycling and telling myself, “ahh… this is life.”

We hiked a little hill that gave us a pretty landscape of Lombok. It was low tide but the view was still breathtaking. We carelessly parked our cute bicycles on an empty lot located near the trail’s entrance without the thought of our bikes getting stolen.

We ended our afternoon with a sunset treat. Oh, I can still remember, Lombok was beautiful that day. It was definitely tiring but everything was worth it. To finally cap our ride off, we told ourselves that we deserved beer.

After this quarantine period, people are going to travel. And when it’s time for you to go on a trip, I highly recommend that you consider a day tour using a bicycle. Exploring places with a bike is more fulfilling than being transported by a car. Because of the effort you exert and the struggle that comes from it, cycling gives the rider a special sense of satisfaction when arriving at the destination. It’s like winning a championship game. Well, that’s a little bit exaggerated but you get my point!

For now, many are stuck at home, hoping for this pandemic and quarantine to be over soon. And as for me, I’m currently thinking of getting a folding bike that I can easily take with me on a plane for my next trip.

Story and photos by Lester Babiera

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