He secured his bike during when flood water started destroying his house in Marikina

“Ang dali nilang humusga at sabihing huwag kami mag-evacuate kasi wala sila sa kalagayan namin.”

The family of Jayson Talagtag evacuated early when the Marikina government told them to go to higher ground. He was left behind inside their house along with his brother-in-law.

He mentioned that they did their best to save their things—his mountain bike included—when the second alarm was raised. No one expected that there would be a third alarm.

“Lahat ng kapamilya namin, na-evacuate na namin bago bumuhos ‘yung bagyo,” Jayson said. “Binabantayan namin ‘yung bahay namin kasi mabilis ang magnanakaw pagkatapos ng baha.”

Jayson added that looting happens during floods and it happened during Ondoy so they want to secure their things this time.

The prediction was it’s not going to be this bad so they were confident that they’ll be safe on their house’s second floor. However, the unexpected rise of water happened, and it happened quickly.

“Tulungan kami dito, may third floor ang kapitbahay namin na pwedeng lipatan,” he said. “Mahirap kami kaya hindi pwedeng iwan itong mga gamit namin. Ang dali lang talaga nila magsalita. Lilikas kami kapag pwersahan.”

For example, he can’t afford to lose his mountain bike. He bought it cheap but it was very useful for him when he travels for work. There’s a makeshift bike seat for his children because it also serves as the kids’ school service.

“Malaki ang purpose ng bike na ito kaya hindi pwede mawala,” he added. “Buti sana kung may pambili tayo, eh wala tayong pambili.”

Baranggay Barangka in Marikina needs clean water and food. You may find Jayson Talagtag on Facebook messenger if you want to help.

This article was originally uploaded on Facebook last November 13, 2020.

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