This is a cheap and reliable bike for beginners from Decathlon

Truth be told, I was supposed to test the Rockrider MTB ST30 for only a week but the bicycle has been with me for nearly a month now.

I’ve been using the Rockrider MTB ST30 that I got from Decathlon North EDSA for nearly a month now. I should say, this is the bicycle that I’d recommend to newbies who want to start bike commuting but are still not keen on spending big on a fancy ride.

Priced at 8,200 pesos, this mountain bike is already considered cheap considering the performance that it provides. Plus, it came from a reputable brand where cyclists can easily go should there be any concerns with the bicycle.

Filipino adults who are new in cycling and who’d want to try bike commuting are perfect for this bicycle. Why? It’s because the Rockrider MTB ST30 is very sturdy and can withstand the uneven roads of our cities — the 26er tires with 1.95 width gives the ideal speed for newbies and is pretty safe with unparalleled pavements.

In most parts of Metro Manila, having big gears or expensive parts can be unnecessary. This bicycle’s six-speed cassette (14/28 teeth) and single chain ring with 36 teeth are enough for short commutes. The V-brake calipers are also dependable for sudden stops.

Short rides, perhaps trips around 10 to 20 kilometers, are comfortable. However, if you’re planning to do a longer travel, I suggest you can change the saddle and grips for a more relaxing experience because there are accessories suitable for those kinds of adventures. Well, you can also use Decathlon’s Rockrider MTB gloves and your hands will thank you for that.

Truth be told, I was supposed to test the Rockrider MTB ST30 for only a week but the bicycle has been with me for nearly a month now. I’m enjoying using it and have been with me for the majority of my rides this month.

My first bike ride with this bicycle was a quick grocery run at the nearest supermarket from my home. The ride was smooth and I was able to easily park it to the establishment’s bike rack, something that I’ve struggled with when I’m using a folding bicycle.

The longest ride that I had so far with the Rockrider MTB ST30 was a 36-kilometer ride. It took me to San Juan, Pasig and Manila. Since it’s been raining a lot this month, I have tested it on wet pavements and the tires gave excellent traction. The only letdown was  the messy aftermath on a white frame.

Rockrider MTB ST30 is available at Decathlon North EDSA. It’s located on the second floor of SM City North EDSA Complex’ North Towers in Quezon City.

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