Have a refreshing coffee in this cafe in Angeles after a bike ride

This beautiful minimalist cafe is the perfect stopover during a tiring bike ride in Pampanga.

Just a few weeks after launching in February 2020, Kalidad Coffee was forced to close because of the lockdown brought by the pandemic.

It’s sad because this coffee shop could have done so well during its opening year: it has great ambiance, accommodating staff and of course, the coffee is great!

When we arrive at hip cafes, the first question that we usually ask is “where can we park our bikes?”

Even though they don’t have any bike racks, the staff immediately told us that we can park and lock our bicycles in front of the store. Since it has glass walls, it’s easy to check our vehicles and we felt that the place is pretty secured.

Kalidad Coffee re-opened in May but only for deliveries. It was only in July when it started accepting dine-in customers. The business is doing better now and it is getting attention not only from Kapampangans but also from people outside Pampanga.

We ordered their signature Kalidad Coffee (espresso with sweetened milk) on ice and it was perfect because the heat was pretty harsh (it was 2 pm) and we just finished a 30-kilometer ride with an excruciating climb. Our friend ordered the hot version and he was happy too.

One cyclist who joined us doesn’t drink coffee so he got tea: Watermelon Assam on ice. He liked it and he felt energized.

We stayed outside because we prefer to drink alfresco. It was one of the best decisions we had that afternoon.

Kalidad Coffee is located at Unit 101, Omnistellar Building in Angeles, Pampanga. It is open from 10 am to 6 pm.

We went here because of the suggestion of cyclist Mark Lester Lacsamana and the recent social media posts of the fabulous Thysz Estrada.

To be honest, not all cool and good cafes are bike-friendly so we really love it when people recommend good places. Let us know where we should take our bicycles next.

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