We recommend this newly-opened restaurant in Mauban for your bike break

Bike breaks during long rides are worth it if you get to rest in a relaxing place—it’s better if you get to have good food and drinks.

First Bike Ride and friends were the first customers of the only cafe along Enverga Boulevard in Mauban, Quezon Province. Siwul Cafe & Restaurant just finished holding a blessing for the launch of their business when we arrived.

It’s a small spot with a view of the Pacific Ocean. What we particularly like about this place is that bicycles can be parked and locked in front of the cafe for easy access and safeguarding.

Daniel Romeo, owner of the restaurant, is proud to tell us that this is the only cafe along the boulevard. He said that he opened Siwul because there are many tourists in Mauban and he added that it would be a great experience if they can enjoy their caffeine or cool drinks with the ocean’s view.

“First time magkaroon ng ganitong establishment dito sa tabing-dagat mismo,” he said. “Madami kasing turista dito at sa Cagbalete, madami ring bikers.”

It’s just a small cafe, around 15 people can only dine inside. Visitors get to enjoy their food and drinks with the cool ocean breeze.

Lucban-based writer Joselito delos Reyes and Poet Paul Castillo were riding their bikes on the boulevard when the smell of Siwul’s delicious caldereta invited them. They went inside to inquire if our group can dine in. They were told that it was the cafe’s official opening day and welcomed us as their first guests. What an amusing coincidence.

We have to take note that caldereta is not part of their menu. It was just a special day so we were offered the food that they cooked for the cafe’s launch.

The food on their list that we tried was the roasted chicken. The meat with sweet sauce was tender. For dessert, they gave us their homemade cheesecake. The coffee was good too, it’s something that we really look forward to during the cycling break.

Mauban is a quiet town in Quezon Province and it’s an interesting destination for cyclists, especially those who love nature trips. Should you decide to go here, we recommend that you visit Siwul.

Siwul Cafe & Restuarant is located along Enverga Boulevard in Mauban’s Brgy Sadsaran.

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