Where can I get my bicycle washed in Metro Manila?

Some bikers told us that they are too shy to ask this question because they might get judged of being too lazy since riders usually clean their own bicycles.

But hey, you have your reasons why you can’t clean your bike and First Bike Ride won’t judge you. In fact, we asked around to help you with your problem.

Can you go to a car wash? Yes. But you have to take note that not all car spas can do it. We called some establishments in Makati and they told us that they don’t wash bikes.

We found one car wash in Retiro that can do the job. The staff was confused at first because it’s the first time that someone asked them if they can clean a bike. Their price? 100 pesos.

The best option would be inquiring to a nearby bike shop. Bike shops know bicycles too well so we’re pretty sure that they can do excellent cleaning.

But like the earlier suggestion, not all bike shops do cleaning jobs. We called a few trusted shops in Metro Manila and here are their answers:

Basikleta in Quezon City – It’s first come, first served so they recommend that you come early in the morning. They charge 130 pesos per wash and you’ll have to wait for 30 minutes. The service is also subject to the availablity of staff.

Tryon in Makati – They used to do bike wash before the lockdown and it’s 150 pesos per bicycle.

Wheelworks in Pasig – It’s 380 pesos including tune up and detailing. You need to call them first to book an appointment.

Enso’s Bike Shop in Marikina – The price ranges from 150 to 200 pesos (it depends on your bike situation) and you need to leave your bike with them because there are other pending bicycles to be cleaned.

We hope that this one helps! If you know more establishments that can do bike cleaning, comment it down below. No hate for bikers who can’t clean bikes please!

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