Rest in peace, Jim Ward.

This is a sad day, not just for the cycling community of Baguio, but also for the whole Philippines.

We woke up to the news that Jim Ward, one of the most important cycling advocates in the country, passed away.

Jim is one of the founders of Daily Cycle Movement, a group of cyclists in Baguio City that influences bike policies and promotes cycling in the Cordillera.

He was recently on the spotlight for his involvement in pushing for a more cycling-friendly Baguio City during the pandemic. He saw the need to improve city guidelines and have reforms to benefit cyclists due to limited transportation and because of the rising number of bikers in Benguet.

Before the lockdown, he was active in supporting bike events and he would be the go-to person of numerous bikers and influential policy-makers in the north for cycling matters.

Cycling with Jim was awesome too. Many bikers would recall about how he would always ask them about their biking activities and how every ride with him was always fun.

But aside from bicycles, many would just visit Jim for his company. His friends who are not from Baguio would always meet him when they are in town. This cyclist’s hospitality was exceptional.

Jim was a retired American who has been living in the Philippines for 24 years. He worked with the US army, became an entrepreneur and was recently a coordinator of a Buddhist Sangha.

Because of his influence and devotion for cycling, he has been a known bike advocate in the Philippines and people respect him for his hard work and passion.

First Bike Ride was looking forward to meet Jim someday. He is one of those bikers that we would want to have a ride with. Unfortunately, this dream ride with him will not be able to happen.

Rest in peace, Jim. Thank you for being an inspiration. You’ll always be remembered.

First Bike Ride was granted permission to use the photo.

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