Our favorite 76-year-old lolo biker got Covid-19 and he’s asking for prayers

“Nadali ako ng Covid-19. Mahirap labanan ang Covid—walang bata, matanda, mayaman at mahirap. All are prone to get this unseen enemy,” cyclist Antonio Mendoza told First Bike Ride.

First Bike Ride featured him last October after a random meet in Norzagaray, he was cycling with his buddy Jun. Antonio, who’s proud of having a healthy lifestyle, excitedly told us during our encounter that he can easily finish a 100-kilometer bike ride.

Incredible, right? So from cycling two to three times a week, we were saddened to hear the news that this strong biker is fighting the lonely battle against the virus for weeks—19 days in quarantine to be exact.

“I’ve been in isolation in our room since March 14,” he said. “When you get it, you fight alone. All your loved ones can do is pray.”

He was really jolly and energetic. So it’s unimaginable when he said that he’s stuck in bed with a hard time breathing.

“I cannot breathe full, only half, kasi kapag pinilit mo, mauubo ka. But little by little, I am gaining in this fight. Just do pray for us, mga kapadyak,” he added.

His younger brother also got the virus and, unfortunately, he’s in a more difficult situation because he still requires oxygen supplementation. The older Mendoza, however, remains hopeful that they’ll recover.

Many people are still denying the existence and implications of Covid-19, with even others saying that it’s just a business scheme. We wish that this virus is not true, but the pandemic is real with many people becoming sick and hospitals getting overwhelmed.

We know it’s difficult and the uncertainty is frightening. Our current situation is disheartening, especially because it seems like we’re left with not much choice but to hope that we don’t get the virus. This is our reality and it gets harder everyday.

We worry for our loved ones who are old and vulnerable—because we want to spend more happy and important moments with them.

“Take double extra precaution. Triple ingat,” Antonio said.

After a long time of being out of the saddle, we asked him if he missed riding his bike.

“Yessssss, very very much. At 76, I’m still happy and excited,” he said.

Get well soon, sir!

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