Iloilo City removes obstructions from bike lanes

This city in Visayas is a good role model for other cities in the Philippines. It’s been consistently doing an excellent job of creating a bike-friendly community.

We recently saw that Iloilo City has been removing obstructive electrical poles on bike lanes and it’s not just for show.

Last month, electric provider More Power started removing the posts that were standing on the Esplanade’s bike lanes. Just a few days ago, they removed the poles along Delgado Street.

These obstructions have been so frustrating and it’s not just Ilonggos who experience this. It’s all over the Philippines. Many cynical cyclists would sigh, saying that these poles are something that they’d deal with forever. But hey, Iloilo managed to remove it.

If Iloilo can do it, other cities can do it too.

Recently, the problematic part of Muelle Loney’s bike lanes were also fixed. It used to have missing bricks and an uneven pavement. A ramp that connects Iloilo bridge to Esplanade was also adjusted for the convenience of the bikers.

How did they do it? They have a proactive community.

Iloilo has citizens who are vocal in addressing their concerns and they are blessed to have a government that listens. Private companies are very cooperative too.

Social media plays a big role in airing the cyclists’ issues. Bike pages “Iloilo-Bike Capital of the Philippines” and “Iloilo – Bike Lanes are for Bicycles” are very helpful online bike communities.

The local government understands the bikers because many of them are cyclists like councilor Jay Treñas who has led numerous bike ordinances in the city.

Big companies like SM City and Robinson’s have been supportive to bikers too while small businesses also take their own initiatives.

This city in Visayas is known as the “Bike Capital of the Philippines” and it deserves the title. Iloilo is not perfect and there are still many things to improve but we’re sure they’re on it.

It might just be a small city in Panay but it’s been doing big things—not just for its cycling community but for the whole Philippines. This city is an inspiration and Iloilo makes us believe that the Philippines can have better roads.

Photo from Leo Solinap

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