Do you like riding a bike in the rain?

“Ang sarap mag-bike kapag umuulan, hindi ba?”

Those were the parting words of the security guard who kept our bikes safe this evening. We smiled and told him that it’s nice but it can be difficult especially when traffic is heavy.

This guard is a bike commuter who lives in Commonwealth, Quezon City and works at Intramuros, Manila. He loves to ride his bicycle which he got a few months ago because of the difficult public transportation.

We enjoy riding our bikes when it’s raining. What we particularly love about it is that we can reach our destinations quickly unlike when we’re inside a car. Traffic can be terribly slow for motorists especially during a rainy evening.

However, we take extra care—roads can be very slippery and our things can get soaked. We usually wear our ponchos and cover our belongings with waterproof bags. We’re more mindful too.

It can also be difficult to see during heavy downpour. If this happens, we usually stop and seek shelter for safety.

On our way back home, we asked a fellow cyclist while waiting for the green light if it’s hard to ride a bike with his face shield on because he was wearing one.

“Sobra,” he said.

We also asked other bikers about their thoughts on rainy rides.

“I love biking when it rains. I love the feeling when the droplets of rain touch me and my bike. Feels refreshing,” Maurice John Ramos from Rizal said.

For others, it can be stressful. We know many friends who cancel their trips even when it’s just drizzling. That’s understandable. However, we also have to note that for others, there are no other options of going somewhere but by riding a bicycle.

“Actually kanina ko lang nasubukan mag-bike commute while raining. Siguro ‘pag may iba pa ‘kong pupuntahan, hassle sya, pero pag pauwi na, wala nang kaso sa’kin at pwede naman ako maligo sa bahay,” Darenn Rodriguez from Valenzuela told us.

He added, “Ang ayaw ko lang eh ‘yung after ride maintenance na gagawin mo sa bike. Dapat tuyo siya at grasahan ang dapat grasahan para tumagal yung pyesa.”

That’s a good reminder. Clean your bike after a rainy ride because some parts might get rusty.

Do you like riding in the rain? What are your thoughts and tips?

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