We’re trying to restore an old road bike.

Ramon Royandoyan found that his uncle left a deteriorated Nishiki Japanese road bike in their old house in Marilao, Bulacan. We’re not pretty sure about this information but it was believed to be an 80s bicycle.

It is still in good shape, however, some parts need to be replaced like the chain. We managed to assemble it and eventually gave it a short test ride before our day ended. The performance was bad.

This project is still not complete but we’ll definitely give updates and a detailed write-up (including set expenses) as soon as we get to be satisfied with the result.

We believe that cycling is not about new models or flashy brands. As long as your bike can safely take you from point A to point B, it’s all good.

If you have any tips for us in fixing this bike, please feel free to comment below. We appreciate all the help.

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