Super Ultra Panks talks about vaccines, drugs and healing

On this week’s episode of Super Ultra Panks, Higad Pating, Jilson and Lester highlight vaccines and other drugs.

Perhaps the most viable and urgent solution for the Philippine’s problem right now on Covid-19 is to get more people vaccinated. On this week’s episode of Super Ultra Panks, Higad Pating, Jilson and Lester highlight vaccination and other drugs.

Higad Pating, who is also called Marti, had a bad dream that forced him to get a jab against Covid-19. While he had a pretty nice experience of getting the vaccine through a program of the Film Development Council, Lester had a different situation: he fell in line for 10 hours with the risk of getting the virus and dengue outside a school in Manila. Jilson, meanwhile, had a pretty smooth vaccination sponsored by his work: he biked to his vax station Makati.

As you might have heard from the news, the day before the Enhanced Community Quarantine in Metro Manila saw a very alarming scene in vaccination sites of different cities. It seems like there was a concert scene outside a mall in Manila and the crowd in Las Pinas was just painful to watch.

Super Ultra Panks is not a bike show. Really, it’s just a bunch of people who love to take on crazy adventures and they just happen to like biking too. They went to Quiapo on this episode to check various things that would probably heal their illnesses. The dudes talk about generic and branded drugs, spiritual healing, amulets from supernatural creatures and medicine for bike upgraditis.

Awesome cyclist Chito Villaluna also appears on the video with him encouraging Marti before taking his jab. Leet, the notorious cat of Higad Pating is also here: this pussy is the mastermind of all the craziness in this episode.

On a serious note, Metro Manila is back to Enhanced Community Quarantine with so many restrictions. It’s tiring and it’s really disappointing because it seems like this chaos is unending.

Our only wish is for Filipinos to be treated decently in terms of getting vaccinated and for people to not be hesitant with the vaccine brand. Any approved vaccine by our and the world’s medical experts is effective to lessen the risk of getting serious symptoms against the virus.

The emotional struggle is real and we just want to relax. We just want to go to the beach, maybe in La Union and there, we’ll enjoy some shots and Korean barbecue.

Super Ultra Panks episode 7 will premiere tomorrow evening, August 7. Watch the trailer here.

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