Friedship goal or budol is real?

We caught up with our recently featured biker Leslie and the empowered activewear model Jessielou in Pasig today. They went shopping for bike essentials with their friend Terence. The three of them had mountain bikes from the same brand and it looks cute, right?

Leslie influenced Terence to buy a mountain bike that’s something similar to her bicycle so they’d be matching. But aside from being the same, she recommended it because it’s relatively cheap.

Meanwhile, Jessielou finally got her ride a few days ago and she was told by the two to get the same bike as theirs.

Is this budol?

“No, it’s not. I’m really planning to buy a bike,” Jessielou said. “The reviews are good and it is budget-friendly.”

The three newbie bikers had fun today, though they admitted that it’s a bit tiring. This is their longest bike ride so far.

And oh, we learned that their other friend Luigi is buying a bike later. And you got it right. It’s a mountain bike from the same brand. We’ll not be surprised if their whole barkada gets the same mountain bike.

Definitely not budol.

We’ll tell Jessielou and Terrence’s first bike ride stories soon!

For those who are unfamiliar, budol is a Filipino slang which means being fooled by someone to do something.

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