Makati’s Esteban Street brings music, bicycles and coffee from March 19-20

Get ready for a budol party because your favorite bike merch shops will be there. Loads of food will be available too!

Esteban Street in Makati will be closed for cars on March 19-20, and will be filled with exciting pop-ups, events and music for pedestrians and people who use active transport to enjoy.

The weekend event is called “Makati Street Meet at Esteban: Friends, Bikes, Music and Coffee.”

“Normally, when we see Makati, we think of buildings and cars and buses. I’d like to change that, the way we see Makati. It’s also a place for bicycles, pets and walking and skateboarding, your coffee shops,” Rebo Saguisag of Leisure said during an Instagram live session with First Bike Ride.

And true enough, Makati has been showing that many of its areas are safe spaces to the people living and visiting it. Many of its streets, especially Esteban, have been a favorite hangout place of people. Last December, they closed the whole stretch from motorized vehicles.

Founders of Esteban Cycling Community

This weekend’s Makati Street Meet at Esteban will feature various musical performances from Deej Fabian, Pillowtalk and Ean Mayor, among others. There will be panel talks hosted by First Bike Ride and Cultural Learnings on March 20.

Get ready for a budol party as your favorite bike merch shops like Leisure, Pretend Leather, Baybayin, This is Pop and Sack It. There will be food too like Luto ni Gab, Tetsuo, Kurimu and Hottudoggu.

For those who’d like to learn how to ride a bicycle, National Bicycle Org will be more than willing to teach you the basics of balancing and pedaling on two wheels.

Luto ni Gab’s Cubano (left) and Tetsuo’s Birthday Noodles (right)

Fitness sessions like Pound and inside Flow are also part of this weekend experience.

If you’re willing to let go of some of your bike parts and give them to our ka-padyaks who need but can’t afford these items, donate them to First Bike Ride’s donation drive in this event. A community marketplace where you can sell your stuff to other bikers will also be available.

Esteban Cycling Community’s (ECC) decals will be on sale too. Proceeds of these stickers will go to Marty Macayan to help him in battling cancer.

“Makati Street Meet at Esteban: Friends, Bikes, Music and Coffee” will open this weekend from 7am to 10pm.

Manila Community Radio (MCR) will stream the weekend events online for those who won’t be able to be physically present.

This event is brought to us by Make IT Makati, ECC, Leisure and MCR.

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