Take this cycling challenge to adopt bamboo in Pangasinan

The raised funds will be used in planting bamboos in Burgos, Pangasinan and its maintenance.

To celebrate World Bamboo Day, Burgos Agroforestry Nature Reserve (BANR) invites cyclists and runners to join the virtual challenge “Run and Bike for Bamboo 2022.” The event will happen from June 1 to September 18. It aims to promote awareness about this beloved grass, plant more and boost employment in Pangasinan.

“Funds raised will help support BAFNR Bamboo Rehabilitation Project aligned with their ongoing response to create jobs for many young people and contribute to poverty alleviation in the community around the Agroforest. This will be done by converting the distance pledged by all participants into Bamboos to be planted,” BANR said.

To join, download the Stampede app, look for “Run and Bike for Bamboo 2022” and register. The standard registration will provide an e-certificate with a GPS location of the participant’s adopted bamboo. Meanwhile, the bundle option for registration gives an additional event shirt.

The raised funds will be used in planting and the maintenance of the bamboos in Burgos, Pangasinan. The participants will be able to acquire one bamboo tree’s GPS named after them per registration, which is equivalent to almost 10 shoots. Run and Bike for Bamboo 2022 also allows entrants to adopt more.

Bamboo is an ideal alternative for other trees because of its short growth cycle. A shoot can grow in its full size in a couple of months. Since many forests are being destroyed, this plant can be the best option for its quick recovery that could control erosions.

“It would be naive to think that bamboo is the solution to all our global problems, but in terms of rehabilitation of degraded land, reforestation, carbon sequestration, and poverty alleviation,” BANR said.

World Bamboo Day is celebrated every September 18. The concept of the event is “Grass of Hope.”

Registration is still open at the Stampede app. For more details about the challenge, visit BANR’s website. Get a discount upon registration by keying in our referral code FIRSTBIKERIDE.

Photos from BANR

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