Bicycles give opportunities.

First Bike Ride believes that a bicycle can do wonders. It just doesn’t move people, it gives hope and opens possibilities.

Last February 2020, we were able to give out twenty bikes to the youths of the Aeta indigenous community of Angeles, Pampanga through the donations of kind individuals who believe in the power of bicycles. Aside from the two-wheeled vehicles, we have also given accessories such as helmets and locks, among others.

It all started when we met 13-year-old Dyna, a young girl from Sapang Bato, in one of our bike rides in Pampanga. She was curious with our bikes and gave it a try. “Gusto ko magka-bike kahit ‘yung maliit lang. Masaya po kasi kapag nagba-bike. Parang nawawala ‘yung lungkot mo,” she told us.

After telling her story on our social media pages, people started messaging us of their desire to give a bicycle to Dyna. We opened the idea to our followers and more people showed interest. The next morning, nine bicycles were pledged. After two weeks of organizing the donation drive, we were able to produce 20 bicycles and was able to secure proper logistics.

The donation drive was so successful that people kept on messaging us, asking when’s the next donation drive. We already received promises of giving second-hand bicycles and monetary pledges.


Please message to know more details about how to send your donations and other information.

"Open possibilities,
donate a bike. "