Ahon Coffee in Antipolo is worth the visit

It’s not a secret that we love coffee and we usually stop for a cup in the middle of a cycling trip. And here at First Bike Ride, we only recommend the good stuff.

There’s a new and cool coffee shop called Ahon Coffee in Antipolo’s Sumulong Highway that’s worth the visit. And hey, you might meet cycling Jesus there!

Taal volcano suddenly spewed ash that afternoon when we were climbing Antipolo. The air was fine and cycling was still enjoyable up there in Rizal, but we could clearly see the vog down the busy metropolis from where we were sitting—it was like viewing a cinematic landscape.

We were hanging out in the newly opened Ahon Coffee in Antipolo, a small kiosk located along Sumulong Highway that’s just a few pedals up from Padi’s Point.

The cafe started serving its awesome coffee and pastries, a blissful combo after that good uphill biking, last June.

It’s not a secret that we love coffee and we usually stop for a cup in the middle of a cycling trip. And here at First Bike Ride, we only recommend the good stuff.

There are many remarkable cafés in Antipolo. But among them, this little kiosk is probably one of those places that you shouldn’t miss. It has an excellent view overlooking Metro Manila, enjoyable sweets and a charming atmosphere because it’s outdoor dining with lots of trees.

While it’s literally next to a highway, there’s a bamboo wall that separates the café from the motorists. We didn’t feel the noise and the pollution from the vehicles at all.

Its name Ahon, inspired from Filipino cycling term that refers to an uphill road, connects with cyclists and it’s expected to be bike-friendly. It didn’t disappoint, there’s bike parking at the far end of the property but you can just conveniently park your bicycle beside your table.

Another awesome thing that we learned was that its area used to be a parking lot that was converted into an outdoor coffee shop. We don’t need more dedicated space for cars, to be honest. More places for al fresco dining and spots to hangout? That, we approve.

Perhaps the most important question is, how’s the coffee? It’s good and refreshing. We ordered Spanish Latte and Iced Black. We were there to see the sunset and we recommend you avail their cold drinks.

The whole place is definitely Instagrammable too, the photo you’ll upload will probably be a pretty addition to your feed. The kiosk itself is pretty cute, something that reminded us of those tiny cafes in Tokyo and Seoul. And it’s evident that the overlooking view from Antipolo and the shop’s dining space are photogenic.

You might be able to chance upon Jesus brewing your coffee too—he’s the cool owner of Ahon Coffee. People call him “Local Jesus” because of his Instagram handle @lokal.jesus and he’s a cyclist too. Conversations with him, whether about bikes or pretty much anything, are always awesome.

If you plan to visit Ahon Coffee in Antipolo, please take note of their store hours. They’re open from Tuesday to Sunday at 3pm to 9pm. However, they also serve morning coffee every weekend from 6am to 11am.

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