This Esports gamer sits in front of his computer for 12 hours. He takes a break by riding a bicycle.

“I take two laps paikot ng subdivision namin tuwing gabi for exercise. Esports gamer kasi ako so walang physical activity na nagagawa,” Miguel Adrian Gagap said. “Pagba-bike na lang ‘yung way ko para maging fit.”

This young gamer joins semi-professional competitions. He’s into Counter Strike Global Offensive and Valorant.

He plays for roughly 12 hours. He allots around six hours on grinding, it’s a gaming term which means increasing experience points or character’s level. The other six are used for training.

That’s a lot of screen time and he knows it.

Miguel decided to ride a bike because he recognizes the importance of his health. He told us that just sitting on his computer chair can be harmful for his body and wellbeing.

“Inaalala ko rin talaga ‘yung health ko, importante rin sa akin ito kaya nagba-bike ako,” he said.

He used to have a regular fitness routine because he is a varsity player of his school’s basketball team. But when the lockdown took place, he diverted most of his time playing online games and didn’t get to have proper exercise.

He’s grateful that he can enjoy a fitness activity that is allowed by the quarantine rules. But among anything else, he is thankful that his parents are letting him ride a bicycle.

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