This entrepreneur believes that a balanced life is the key to a good life

Ryan Banal, owner of an engineering solutions company, likes to ride his mountain bike to jumpstart his day. During weekends, he tries to join his friends for longer rides outside Bulacan.

Our biker here is from Meycauayan, Bulacan. He tells us that he wants to begin his mornings with exercise—he sometimes runs but he prefers cycling. Ryan usually covers 12 kilometers and he loves uphill routes.

“Kapag first hour in the morning, gusto ko na nakakapag-exercise ako. Tapos ligo at kape,” Ryan said. “Sobrang clear ng utak ko noon, fresh na fresh ‘yung feeling.”

As someone who has to deal with a lot of things with business, Ryan said that he makes sure that he gives ample time to everything that is important to him. He particularly noted his family, health, work and faith.

How does he manage this? He keeps a routine that works effectively for his schedule.

“As an entrepreneur, kailangan na balanced ‘yung time mo. Hindi puro trabaho,” he said.

However, he admitted that this can be easy for him because he has the privilege to control his time since he owns his business. Nevertheless, he tells us that a balanced like is possible and cycling can be part of a daily routine even if someone is tied up with a regular work schedule.

Aside from exercise, Ryan also tells us one of his reasons why he started riding a bike.

“Gusto ko magpaliit ng tiyan talaga. Malakas kasi ako kumain eh,” he said. “Masarap kasi kumain, hindi ba?”

Yes, Ryan. We definitely agree.

“Masarap din mag-bike,” he added.

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