His handy BMX helps him deliver his sampaguita to his clients

The church is usually packed with people every All Saint’s Day. Today is different.

Danilo Cruz tried to keep himself dry under a big umbrella during a heavy downpour. His bike is strategically parked on the sidewalk so everyone can still see that his garlands of sampaguita are still on sale.

It seems like business will not turn out good today. Usually, Catholics flock the church every November 1 to offer prayers to the saints. It’s almost empty this morning. No thanks to Covid-19 and typhoons Rolly and Siony.

“Okay lang, sanay na kami na walang tao kapag may bagyo,” he said. “Pinagdadasal ko na lang na mawala na itong bagyo at pandemic.”

We can tell that his livelihood is very much affected because of the health calamity and these typhoons. We felt that he was trying to be positive during our short chat.

He bought his kiddie bike in Tondo ten years ago out of necessity. It’s definitely small for him but this is his best companion for work.

“Nasanay na lang ako. Mahirap kasi maglakad lalo na kapag nagra-rasyon ako,” he said. “Nagde-deliver kasi ako ng sampaguita tatlong beses sa isang linggo.”

A young guy who overheard our conversation bought sampaguita from the biker. This buyer admitted that he doesn’t pray but he said that he’ll offer the flowers to the saints with Danilo’s prayers.

Danilo sells sampaguita at the National Shrine of Our Lady of Lourdes in La Loma, Quezon City.

Note: During a storm, please stay home if you can. We passed by the church earlier today during our commute from work and chanced upon Danilo’s bike while we were buying flowers. Keep safe, everyone!

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