Heartbroken biker: I’ll never love again

Those were the words of the teenage biker we met today at Marikina River Park. He just came back from a pre-Valentine’s Day bike ride in Wawa Dam with his friends.

When First Bike Ride met his group, we asked these cyclists if they’ll be having a Valentine’s Day bike ride tomorrow. No one answered “yes” except this guy who owns the black fixie.

We’re not telling his name because of the subtle requests of his friends. But let’s call this fixie owner “solo rider.”

This might be cheesy but cycling with your special someone during Valentine’s Day can be memorable. It sounds baduy, but hey, it’s a good excuse to ride a bike.

This cyclist said that he’s definitely riding his bicycle tomorrow. But he’s cycling alone. We asked him why and he answered, “wala kasi akong ka-date eh.”

Where’s his destination? Wawa Dam. Again.

With his face mask on, it can be easily seen that he’s about to cry as he tells us that he broke up with his girlfriend last December 19. They were together for five months. He was the happiest but everything seems different now.

“After namin mag-break, nag-bike lang ako paikot-ikot. Mga two hours,” he confided. “Hindi na siguro ako magmamahal ulit.”

We’re not sure if he’s really going to that dam and his friends are also doubting but everyone knows that he’ll still cycle tomorrow no matter what.

“Itong bike ko lang naman ang nakakaintindi sa mga problema ko,” he said when we asked him why he loves his bike.

“Minahal ko muna siya,” he added pertaining to his ex girlfriend. “Bike na ngayon.”

What’s the reason of the break-up? We did not ask. We’ll not be able to help, anyway.

We’re no love experts and we don’t plan to assume the position of Dr. Love. So we just told him to ride safe and enjoy tomorrow’s cycling—wherever his wheels may take him.

We believe that bicycles can help people heal, especially when one wants to move on—literally and figuratively. That’s probably why when you pedal, you move forward.

“Chill lang kapag nagba-bike. Nawawala ‘yung mga problema. Lahat-lahat,” he said.

You got it, solo rider.

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