From BMX to Mountain bike: this cyclist really loves adventures

This 5’11” Marikeño rode a small BMX for many years because he enjoyed the thrill until he eventually shifted to a bigger mountain bike, realizing that there’s more adventure waiting for him on the trails.

Jayson Rempillo recalled that he can’t afford to buy a ready-made BMX back in 2009. He was just a working student back then so he saved up a little bit of money and slowly bought parts to assemble his own bicycle.

“Na-encourage ako ng tropa na may BMX kaya napabuo ako,” he said. “’Yung BMX maliit pero pang-tricks at okay lang kahit mabalibag kasi matibay talaga.”

It was one of his treasured possessions. He’ll definitely love that bike—not only did he spend his hard-earned money on it, he also poured his time and effort building the ride.

So it was so painful for Jayson when he lost his BMX.

That was around five years ago and back then, he had thoughts of replacing his BMX with a mountain bike. One day, after arriving home from a trip to La Union with friends, he was shocked to see a brand new Trinx MTB inside his room.

It was a sweet surprise: his then-girlfriend Iris (who is now his wife) gifted him with a brand new Trinx MTB.

“Buti hindi ko siya naunahan kasi nag-iipon-ipon na rin ako ng pambili. Nagulat ako na may mountain bike na pala ako,” he said.

He likes riding a BMX and MTB, it’s just that he mentioned that he can easily go far with the bigger bicycle.

Jayson loves the outdoors and we think that the mountain bike really suits his personality. He recommended that his favorite cycling location is La Mesa Nature Reserve because it has exciting bike trails.

“Adventurous ako, gusto ko ng mga trail, bundok-bundok,” he said.

He now has a new mountain bike because he recently gave his old Trinx to his wife who is starting to enjoy cycling. We recently featured them here on First Bike Ride.

If he’s not riding the trails, Jayson is cycling with his wife and friends in Metro Manila. Sometimes, he also personally delivers the baked goods that Iris makes and sells at Mrs. Homebakers PH.

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