Cycling + picnic = quality time with friends

We saw these five bubbly ladies from Caloocan having a small picnic outside Lagusnilad in Manila. They told us that they live together in one house and cycling became their hobby to break the monotony of being stuck at home.

They are Arlene, Alma, Marilyn, Genevieve and Girly.

“Binili lang namin itong mga bisikleta noong nag-ECQ,” they said. “Gusto namin ng exercise at maka-gala rin kahit papaano kasi ang boring sa bahay.”

(“We bought this bicycle when ECQ happened,” they said. “We want to exercise and go out at the same time because it’s so boring at home.”)

They always come prepared for these trips. They bring small bags filled with food and chips. A big water jug that’s usually used by elementary students is shared by everyone (they bring individual cups). One of the bikes even has a wooden board installed behind the saddle, it serves as their table when it’s merienda time.

They usually start riding at four in the afternoon. When we met them, they told us that they were supposed to visit the the infamous Manila Bay Sands but it’s too late. The line was very long that day and the tourist attraction only accepts visitors until 6 pm.

They just decided to detour to the new Lagusnilad, which is unfortunately not bike-friendly. Nevertheless, these women were still happy. They were taking a lot of pictures together as they enjoy their little salu-salo on the street.

“Hulaan niyo sino pinakabata sa amin? Madali lang,” one lady randomly asked just before we bid good bye. And all of them suddenly pointed out that it’s Marilyn.

(“Ask who’s the youngest in our group? It’s easy.”)

“I’m 63,” Marilyn said. A burst of laughter from the group followed.

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