Cycling is the latest bonding activity of these newly weds

Newly weds Jayson and Iris Rempillo found cycling as their new “couple hobby.”

After their first bike ride together as husband and wife, Iris said that “it’s about sharing the love for the outdoors and creating memories together.”

They’ve been in a relationship for more than a decade and they got married last November. It was only this year that Iris owned a bicycle, a hand-me-down Trinx mountain bike. Though it’s interesting to note that she’s the one who actually bought it.

How did that happen?

Around five years ago, Iris surprised her then-boyfriend Jayson. She gifted him a mountain bike because he lost his precious BMX. She, along with her brother, took the effort to go to Quiapo and buy a bicycle even though she’s completely clueless about bikes.

“Wala kaming alam so nag-rely lang kami sa mga sellers doon,” Iris said. “Medium frame. Iyon pala, maliit pa rin sa kaniya.”

Jayson’s height is 5’ 11”.

We told them in jest that if Jayson managed to enjoy his small BMX for a very long time, a medium-framed mountain bike would probably be okay.

“Na-open ko sa kaniya na baka keri ko naman mag-bike kasi before nakasama naman ako sa kaniya sa Timberland. Gamit ko ‘yung fat bike ng tatay ko,” Iris said.

She got an instant approval from Jayson. He gave his upgraded and well-loved Trinx to Iris and bought himself a new bike.

For their first bike ride as husband and wife, they went to Antipolo.

Iris admitted that she’s still trying to be comfortable with the height of her saddle and there are times when she gets afraid whenever big vehicles go near her on the road.

“Mabuti may bike lanes,” Jayson said. This experienced biker guides her newbie wife and knows that bike lanes are important.

“Ang hindi lang niya nagagawa pa is mag-bike mag-isa. ‘Yung hindi ako kasama,” he added.

“Feeling ko hindi ko pa kaya,” she said. “Mas feel ko na safe ako kapag kasama ko siya.”

Last night, a day before Valentine’s Day, the couple updated us that they went cycling at Marikina River Park.

Iris bakes delicious desserts and Jayson sometimes delivers it using his new mountain bike.

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