A century ride is just easy for this 75-year-old cyclist

76-year-old pilot Antonio Mendoza can easily finish a 100-kilometer bike ride. He proves that age is just a number.

What’s the longest bike ride of this awesome lolo biker?

“Mula Malolos hanggang Monasterio de Tarlac. Mga 225-230 kilometers ‘yun,” he said. “Umalis kami ng alas kwatro y media sa Malolos, nakabalik kami 12:30 ng madaling araw kinabukasan”.

He told us that he goes for long rides twice a week, but sometimes do short spins when he’s alone. He’s not just a hobbyist, he’s also the president of a Malolos-based bike group called “Weweet Bikers.”

Antonio is not yet retired. He’s still a pilot because his boss doesn’t want him to stop working. But during this lockdown, he doesn’t fly. Instead, he rides his road bike.

Almost everyone that he meets on the road asks him about his age. He tells them he’s only 19 even though he’s actually 76. But when we met him, he has a very youthful energy.

“Gusto ko mag-bike pa kahit mga hanggang 80 man lang ako. It keeps me going eh,” he said.

What’s the secret of his youthful energy?

“Clean living and lifestyle change. Huwag talaga mag-bisyo,” he said.

An earlier story about him was uploaded on our Facebook page.

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