Wald 1372 Review: carrying two pizza boxes in QC

We wanted to try if the Wald 1372, the basket we recently purchased was worth our money, it’s something that we really wanted for a long time because carrying items with a backpack can be tedious. Plus, this carrier looks nice and a lot of people are recommending it so why not, right?

The basket, from American brand Wald, that we got was purchased from local store Bikeary Bicycle Lifestyle. Thank goodness we got a piece because the items were quickly sold out. The shop warned us that this batch of Walds had a challenging journey and that there might be some misaligned rods, we don’t mind as long as it still looks like a basket. Luckily, the one that we got looked perfect. We paid 2,180 pesos.

It’s a shallow basket – 4 3/4” deep and the opening is 15” x 10”. To visually put it, you can place two bottles of wine inside but a box of family-size pizza can’t fit. What we like most about it are the legs that can extend from 14 inches to 22 inches because it’s pretty flexible for different bicycles. The handlebar clamps can easily adjust too.

Installing the rack was pretty difficult for us newbies, all because we learned that the bicycle that we use, a Tern Clutch with a dropbar, needs adjustment to achieve the basket’s best form.

We consulted two bike shops for the installation. The first one did a bad job (being expensive doesn’t assure best service, we should say) so we went to Built Cycles in Quezon City and they solved our problem in a snap.

Wald 1372 is pretty light, unlike the other baskets that we have used (especially those that came from the Japanese bikes). It looks cool and at the same time, it can carry a decent load like cans of tuna, a big box of cereal, a bike lock and a camera. Be careful though, it can’t carry too heavy stuff.

Now it’s time to test it.

Angel’s Pizza was just a few meters away from Built Cycles and we’re hungry so we decided to have food takeaways. You see, if you’ve been following First Bike Ride for a while, we really like to eat and drink coffee. We love discovering and hanging out in cool spots too. Since the virus situation is still bad, we decided to have Angel’s Pizza’s Creamy Spinach Dip and Pizza Overload in the comforts of our home.

“We got a basket so it’s going to be easy to carry those boxes,” we told our friends.

With our bag and bike lock inside the Wald, we put two boxes of pizza on top of the carrier and secured it with a net, a freebie from Bikeary.

The ride was smooth, especially when we’re inside a protected bike lane. Our items were pretty much intact and they seemed unscathed when we passed some rough pavements. The basket was attached to the dropbar. It was pretty easy navigating and it doesn’t feel heavy.

So what happened with the pizza? We thought that it’s going to be a mess, like disgusting to eat. But it wasn’t. All good, delicious and felt like the best reward after a tiring but fun city ride.

Baskets, in general, are really good accessories to help you in your commutes. It’s very convenient when carrying items, especially those that you randomly pick on the road. It can add character to your bike too—well of course, you have to choose a nice carrier. It doesn’t have to be Wald, to be honest.

On our way home, our friend dropped his face shield (the tool that saves us from the virus).

“Wala ka kasing basket eh,” we told him.

This post is not a sponsored content. We just love writing about things that are awesome.

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