This restaurant in Quezon City allows bike parking beside table

This restaurant doesn’t have bike racks. But what’s awesome is they allow customers to bring their bicycles and park them beside their table.

Located at Quezon City’s Scout Tuazon, the first branch of @maxschicken—which also happens to be the company’s flagship restaurant—has a very big open space that’s probably an ideal location for those who prefer to dine in during these crazy times.

We were starving after a day’s work so we decided to go here for some delicious Filipino dishes. It’s one of our comfort foods, we’re really hungry and we didn’t want to waste time thinking of a place to eat. Besides, we had an awesome al fresco dining experience here before.

It was quite disappointing when we didn’t see any bike racks in its parking area. Expecting to be turned away, we approached the staff and asked if they have bike parking.

“Pwede niyo po ipasok ‘yung bike. Kung sa loob po kayo, pwede po sa area doon para mas secured,” the waitress said. “Pero kung sa labas po kayo kakain, kahit dalhin niyo na para mas safe.”

Imagine our happiness when we heard this. We love restaurants that value the possessions of their customers. We parked our bikes beside our table.

Obviously, Max’s Restaurant has not yet taken a move in creating bike facilities unlike other restaurants that has managed to jump to the trend. Well, at least this branch. But we welcome this gesture of them being bike-friendly and accommodating to cyclists.

Technically, this open space is actually designated for Pancake House, which is also a sister brand of Max’s Restaurant. So if you wish to cross order, it’s possible. Very convenient, right?

In any case, we ordered Max’s fried chicken, lumpiang shanghai, sisig tofu, kare-kare and lechon kawali. Yup, we’re hungry.

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