Philippine Bicycle Demo & Expo 2022: Six Brands to Check Out

First Bike Ride has built good relationships with these brands over the past two years. That's why we’re very supportive with their activities in this year’s Bicycle Demo & Expo.

This year’s Philippine Bicycle Demo & Expo is perhaps the largest gathering of cycling brands since the pandemic started and indeed, everyone’s excited! It will be held on August 20-21 at Mckinley West, Taguig.

It can be pretty overwhelming to check out all of the booths, though. That’s why we’re giving you priority recommendations so things will be easier for you this weekend.

While it’s true that other participating brands are really worth checking out, this list that we did endorses brands that we highly recommend because we can attest to their quality and worth. First Bike Ride has also managed to build good relationships with them over the past two years. That’s why we’re very supportive with their activities in this year’s Bicycle Demo & Expo.

1.     Tern

Lester Babiera, the founder of First Bike Ride, used a Tern Clutch as his first bicycle during the pandemic. He bought it at Junni Store in Quezon City and since he enjoyed this vehicle during his first bike ride, it has prompted him to create this cycling website.

Earlier this year, First Bike Ride partnered with Tern and we’ve been using its folding bicycle Tern Link D8 for our bike commutes and for short city trips. Well, we’ve also used it in climbing Boso-Boso in Antipolo!

Why should you visit Tern’s booth? The brand is highlighting its ultra-compact folding bike BYB. It’s 30% smaller than your usual foldie which is more convenient to store at home or at the office when you’re biking to work.

2.     BESV

This year, we’ve discovered e-bikes as the game charger in our world of cycling. It was pretty awesome that we were able to try out the BESV JG1, an electric gravel bike, for a century ride from Manila to Bustos. Truth be told, finishing a 100-kilometer trip with an electric pedal assist is definitely way easier than the conventional gravel bike.

Visitors of BESV’s booth can ride the JG1 electric gravel bike and you have to take note that it can really entice you to get a unit. Aside from the free testing, the brand is also offering a 50,000-peso discount to its TRB1 AM E-mountain bike during the event.

3.     Courier

Our favorite short and polo shirt that we use for our bike trips came from local cycling apparel brand Courier. They offer the most comfortable casual wear for cyclists who are not really into the tight kits but still want to enjoy long adventure rides. Their items are also perfect for urban commutes!

For the Bicycle Demo & Expo, Courier will be giving discounts to its best-selling items and they will be launching a lot of new arrivals from their collection.

4.     Popcycle Ebike Center

You’ve probably seen a lot of Fiido E-Bikes in the streets of Metro Manila. If you’re curious how this bike rolls, check out Popcycle E-bike Center at the Bicycle Demo & Expo — they officially distribute the popular e-bike brand! There will be fun games too where the booth’s visitors can win exciting cycling prizes.

We’ve used the Fiido D4S Folding Sport Electric Bike and we’ve really enjoyed it. It’s very convenient and is an easy choice for bike commuting.

5.     Bikeary Bicycle Lifestyle

Our go-to shop for bicycle accessories are also participating in the Bike Expo & Demo. Bikeary Bicycle Lifestyle offers the best and stylish brands that you can use in bringing a personality to your favorite two-wheel ride. Some of our favorite purchases from this store are bike bags, grips, baskets and pedals.

Local brands will be one of the highlights of Bikeary Bicycle Lifestyle’s booth this weekend. Expect to see items from GoFar, UpCarry and ProjectNova, among others. It’s also displaying favorites from brands overseas like Brooks, Velo Orange and Swift Industries. And what’s more fun? They’re sharing a booth with Slow Moes Culture.

6.     Sierra Madre Cycle Company

New and local bike brand Sierra Madre Cycle Company is also an exciting booth to visit this weekend. We’re currently testing their e-bikes and we should say that it’s been very fun and reliable, so far. Recently, we’ve uploaded our review with its folding electric bike Wombat and we’ll soon test out its mountain bike Rusa.

Guests will be able to test their e-bikes at the event. Watch out because they’ll be giving out free shirts too!

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