Kris Kringle: Useful gifts to cyclists under 1000 pesos

We’re here to help you get the best gifts that you can give to your cyclist friends priced under one thousand pesos. These items are useful and we’re pretty sure that they’ll be appreciated and will not go to waste.

Christmas is just around the corner and the same goes with Kris Kringle and the “Monito Monita” tradition. And if you’re having a hard time thinking of something to give to your biker friends, we’ve got you covered.

First Bike Ride has been publishing Christmas wishlist articles during the past few months. However, the cyclists who participated on those lists submitted items that they’d give themselves at the end of the year, saving money for cute pedals, gorgeous frames or expensive groupsets. Well, Kris Kringles in the Philippines doesn’t cost that much and the prescribed price range of the gifts is usually from 500 to 1,500 pesos.

We’re here to help you get the best gifts that you can give to your cyclist friends priced under one thousand pesos. These items are useful and we’re pretty sure that they’ll be appreciated and will not go to waste.

1.     Voile Straps

Carrying stuff on your bike can be tricky because items really need to be secured for convenience and safety. Even if a cyclist has a basket or racks, there are certain materials that can be really difficult to bring. And the bad roads of Metro Manila make it more troublesome.

We’ve realized that the belts from Voile Straps are probably the most helpful tools whenever we need to carry items. It’s very flexible but it makes sure that your stuff is stable and secured. We’ve seen cyclists using them to tightly hold a cup of coffee, a K-Pop album and a cat.

Voile straps come in different sizes and colors. We usually purchase from Bikeary and the price ranges from 260 pesos (6” nano straps) to 875 pesos (25” rack straps). And if you’re wondering, bikers get as much straps as they can because they’re really helpful.

2.     Passé Gloves

Passé is a local brand that’s popular for its colorful and stylish bar tapes. Recently, it has released its newest products: retro gloves. There are two available designs —the RWB (red, white and blue) crochet and the knitted one in beige.

To be honest, it’s pretty cool to see someone wearing vintage-looking gloves during bike rides because it, ironically, gives a refreshing look to the biker (the usual padded single-colored ones are way too common). We heard that the stock is pretty limited so go and secure them now before the items run out.

Each pair costs 900 pesos. The retro gloves are available at Built Cycles bicycle shop or you can message Passé’s Instagram account to purchase.

Screengrabs from Passe’s Instagram account

3.     Groundwork Cycling Caps

A cycling cap can be very useful to protect cyclists from the sun and to shield their eyes from raindrops during rainy rides. Plus, it can absorb sweat too so one wouldn’t be bothered with perspiration running down the face.

Groundwork Cycling is another local brand that’s probably a favorite among urban cyclists in Metro Manila. The brand’s caps come in different designs and we should say that they’re all really hip. Aside from these headwears, they also sell long sleeves and T-shirts. Hey, you can add those in your gift bag if you are feeling more generous.

Purchase Groundwork Cycling caps at for 549 pesos each.

Screengrabs from Thy Origins website

4.     Gaciron Front Light

Bikers must be able to see the road clearly on evening trips and it’s also safer for them to be more visible in the dark. Bringing an extra, just in case other lights run out of battery, can be a life-saver.

Gaciron is one of the best brands out there and we highly recommend its 800 Lumen LED light. It is waterproof, USB-charged, gives superb brightness and covers a pretty decent scope of 200 meters. We always suggest attaching as many lights as possible on a bike — it’s not tacky, especially if it’s for your safety.

Gaciron 800 Lumen Front Handlebar Light is priced at 999 pesos on Lazada (note: prices are currently marked down).

5.     King Cage Titanium Bottle Opener

It’s good to cap off a good bike trip with a bottle of beer — or any cool beverage of your choice! It’s more awesome if you get to spend it with your friends. And having a handy (and cool) opener can really be impressive.

King Cage, a brand popular for its bicycle accessories, has a titanium opener that’s very portable and it can fit into one’s pocket or any bike bag. Give this to your friends and who knows, there might be an on the spot drinking session and the first round might be their treat!

Raven Cycles sells King Cage Titanium bottle opener for 600 pesos.

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