6 cyclists recommend face masks for the outdoors

Wearing a face mask prevents one from getting the virus and at the same time helps stop spread diseases. It might be a little comfortable but it works to keep everyone safe.

With the uncertainty brought by the Covid-19 virus, fueled by the disappointing response by our country’s leaders, we’ll most likely be living and cycling with face masks for a longer period of time.

Wearing a face mask prevents one from getting the virus and at the same time helps stop spread diseases. It might be a little comfortable but it works to keep everyone a little safer.

Most of the masks that we see from cyclists are the efficient but boring blue disposable ones. You see, masking up doesn’t have to be dull. And since we’re pretty much familiar with masks as we’ve been using them for more than a year now, why not experiment and try something new — perhaps wear a different brand or material.

First Bike Ride asked cyclists about their recommendations regarding this protective covering: what works for them, what they like and what are their recent favorites.

This is also a reminder for everyone to put on your masks because we’re currently in a crazy surge of Covid-19 cases and wearing one is still part of the official guidelines of the Inter-Agency Task Force. Let’s protect ourselves and contribute in helping stop the spreading of the virus.

Please take note that the bikers interviewed for this article have different kinds of riding and what works for them might not be okay for others.

Ysa Alvarez – Adidas Polyester Mask

“Reusable face masks in polyester and cotton ang ginagamit ko, depende lang on the ride which one I use. I try to avoid my more fitted masks on longer rides kasi prone to acne ako pag tumagal. I like Adidas’ polyester mask! They have a smaller fit which is perfect for me. Plus, it’s super breathable even though medyo fitted.”

Photo from Adidas PH

Jilson Tiu – Savewon Bio KF94

“I recently used the Savewon Bio KF94 and I like it. It’s a face mask from South Korea that’s perfectly snug and fits well on my face, perhaps in anyone because it can easily be adjusted and has a film on the top of the mask that can be easily bent to fit the shape of your nose. It’s sealed so I feel protected.

I usually wear a surgical mask that’s in olive color, the one that I got for this new mask is in black. I bike in the city everyday for errands or to shoot photos and I prefer something comfortable. It’s easy to breathe in this mask.”

Lester Babiera – Kleenex Daily Mask

“I first tried Kleenex’ Daily Mask during the Gran Fondo ride of Mobile In MNL and I was amazed at how comfortable it was on city rides. It was sturdy too because it lasted well after a whole day of cycling, after 100 kilometers. Well, it blocks water well too. Well, this might not be good for you if you perspire much but it fits well for my lifestyle because I usually ride slow and I just ride inside Metro Manila most of the time.

Karel Tarre – P29 Copper Foam Mask

It’s the P29 Copper Foam Mask. Maganda ‘yung shape niya for the face and very light and breathable siya kahit pawis ka. And it also dries up fast. I got mine from Bikes & Coffee Manila but I know it’s available also on Shopee and Lazada.

Ana David – P29 Antibacterial Copper-Coated Sports Mask

I sweat a lot when I bike. I tried the surgical and those types of sports masks with valves and it would feel like that waterboarding type of torture. My bike group had a super strict mask-on policy and if you can’t keep your mask on throughout the duration of the ride, you can’t join. As a newbie, hirap talaga ako huminga especially during difficult climbs. A few friends suggested trying the P29 and when I did, it was comfortable enough that I could wear it and forget I was wearing a mask. It’s also shaped in a way that it doesn’t stick to your face. It’s porous so I only wear it outdoors and use a surgical mask indoors.

The biggest drawback? It gives you the worst mask tan lines. Para akong may permanent contour/bronzer sa cheek area.

Photo from Beauty Korea Box

Mark Lacsamana – Cloth mask from designer Santi Obcena

I’ve been using a face mask that I got from Filipino designer Santi Obcena. It fits well since he makes them in sizes. Mine’s black so it matches most of my stuff and there is enough space in the mask to breathe and to fit a plastic spacer. I tend to carry a blue surgical mask too to double mask with when I have to step off my bike.

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