6 easy gifts you can give to cyclists

We asked our followers over Instagram what are the best and easy gifts that cyclists would like to receive this holiday season.

It’s gift-giving season and your friends who like to bike will really be glad to receive items that would be very helpful for their daily rides in 2022.

Last time, we recommended stuff for bikers that are priced under 1,000 pesos. This time, we asked our followers over Instagram what are the best gifts that cyclists would like to receive this holiday season. First Bike Ride thought that it would be awesome to learn the thoughts of the community.

From the common cycling apparels to more expensive bike fits and frames, we rounded up the common answers. These are generic ones but we’d like to add some brands that we’d recommend  so it’s easier for you to add those items to your cart!

Bike Lights

We’ve recommended Gaciron last time because we think that it’s worth the price. However, any brand would be awesome because cyclists would need as much light as they could get. But if you’d ask us, we prefer the rechargeable ones over those that need batteries: it’s more practical.

Consumable bike items

It might look boring but these are super helpful for bikers. Your friends would highly appreciate if you give them something that they can really use just in case they need to replace something on their bike due to certain circumstances.

These consumables can be inner tubes, patch kits, lubes, bike shampoo, tires or brake pads. It might not be advisable if you’re trying to surprise them because some of these items have certain specs that are specific to a certain bicycle.

Quality Bike Lock

One of the big problems that cyclists fear is getting their bicycles stolen. There are instances when they need park their vehicles: perhaps they need to buy something from a store, go to the toilet or eat something. And a reliable bike lock is something that they would need to secure their bicycle.

Among all of the locks that are in the market, we highly recommend U-Locks. You can buy one from Decathlon. Why? It’s because it’s sturdy, thieves will have a more difficult time destroying it than the chained ones.

Instulated Tumblers or water bottles

Water is essential, especially for cyclists because it demands some physical action. It would be awesome if you will give them water bottles so they could pack more water for their rides.

Stylish ones would be nice too since sometimes, since their items are out in the open, water bottles get scratched and dirty too. Insulated tumblers might be more expensive but your friends will definitely appreciate it. Who would not love a cold drink in the middle of a ride? We recommend getting from Klean Kanteen.


If your friend is a beginner, a handy multi-tool kit can be an awesome gift. We recognized that many bikers don’t bring one, perhaps maybe they don’t have one, so it would be handy if ever they get into bike trouble in the middle of their trip. Small bike pumps can be convenient too during their rides.

Dri-fit Shirts

Shirts are common gifts and cyclists love dri-fits. Apparels made from polyester absorb more sweat than cotton, it would be nicer if you’d get them recycled fabrics because it’s a more environmentally-friendly choice.

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